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Thursday, March 14, 2013

i want to thank lee ki kwang....

here i as a b2uty is going to thank this one precious man for giving me a lot of strength
i've been a fan of lee gikwang ever since AJ days, and for me he's like this groovy passionate newbie and whenever he's singing or dancing it's as if i can feel his determination.
somehow now he made it so big that i feel like a proud mother hahaha it's been a long way since his AJ days and then to his rookie b2st days now when i just utter the word beast everyone goes ahh!! b2st!

hmm i've liked so many other groups too and changed my bias countless of times.....
i can't even list it cuz it's too long, from idols to actors and actors to models.... it's a big mess

but whenever this little beating heart feels uneasy or tired there's this one special singer that i'd miss so bad. i would think about his voice and scavenge over hundreds of songs just to listen to it...
that person obviously is lee gi kwang

somehow for me his voice has this tone that is so unique and beautiful....
it's between hoarse and smooth, some how its ...well i just can't put in words.
but when he sings somehow i can't help but to smile and savour it.
hrm whenever i feel down or i see someone else sing and it reminds me of kikwang....
i'd just type in his name and listen to him.

im not a very loyal fan u see, i used to be ELF and like crazay saved my money to see suju but after a few years i kinda forgot about them (ehem sorry no offence ey^^) and i don't really miss them but....
b2st... it's been 3 years and a half since i like them.. well including the AJ days.
and i still miss kikwang's voice... he might not be my bias anymore but his voice... i have a strong feeling that even after another 3 years i would still miss it and it would still lingers in my head.

so i really really really hope that i can hear him sing more, even as a soloist. well it's my selfish little wish to see only him on the stage but if that were ever to happen then i'd be the first to buy his album and vote him for no.1 like hell and fangirl like a psycho at home and promote it like im working for cube haha technically i'd super happy.

but the reason i am here writing this....
is actually to thank this talented and incredible singer who gave me strength when i needed it the most by simply singing a bouquet of words into breath taking music that heals my soul.
ki kwang oppa! please don't ever lose your burning passion because that flame of passion you have in your heart might just warmed up a lot of fans cold painful heart like mine.

so thank you very much for sharing with us your lovely voice
*love, a malaysian B2UTY*

Once again... Thank You.